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The activity of the rubber parts industry limitedly started in our country with the establishment of type manufacture companies in an organized manner in 1988 and is reckoned a marvelous backing this industry with the utilization of our long term experience and expertise enjoying its more than 21 years of useful experience in the in the manufacture of types of industrial sensitive rubber parts with applying especially used elastomeric compounds resistant to pressure, tensile, wear, stress oil, petroleum, acid, cold and heat and using the most machineries for storing. Production lines, sales and lab QC. BSS rubber Company is the 1st holder of CNC molds diversified sets amounting to 7000 series including of industrial parts molds. The company is also the manufacturer of hydraulic systems rubber accessories as per international standards with an annual capacity of CA 500 tones, and is at present One of the greatest and the most developed unit manufacturing rubber parts at our native land level.

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